Ana Hermon is a self-centered, manipulative, but gorgeous stripper. She demands all of the attention in any, and every room. People cater to her every whim despite her less than compassionate disposition. When she sees something she wants she gets it. No matter what, no matter how. She will not come in second to anyone, and this is how her spiteful journey begins. She conspires to murder only to have the plan backfire in the most unthinkable manner. Her life spirals into pure rage, driving her to ultimate revenge, and bringing out the evil  ANACANDY


Erin Thorne is a stripper. A world famous stripper. She has always been determined to live her life as she viewed it, not someone else's impression of what it should, or shouldn't be. She remains disconnected from her audience and fans, but very connected to their money.  She learns quickly though that money does not buy everything. In a bizarre twist of events she finds that no one can be trusted, and all she has ever known to be true in the world was just an illusion. Now she must learn to live with her new found powers, and live in a world of ghosts, demons, and angels as she is transformed into  PYTHONGA

Comodo snatch

Comodo Snatch is the epitome of androgyny, and conniving drama. Despite never fitting in as a child, no matter where he went or what he did, he eventually found his niche as a young man in strip club industry. He owned it. There wasn't a strip club around the world that did not have some part of it influenced by Comodo. Although a genuine flake his determination to prove himself, and throw his wealth and fame in all the faces of those who antagonized him, put him at the top of the greedy strip club mountain. He was King, or Queen, of the hill until that fateful, unmentionable day that drove him into a revenge madness.​


Sal, a Yiddish Steam Pimp, was never the brightest strobe light in the club, but he always had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Without much going on upstairs he knew he would have to rely on the misfortune of others. Years ago his uncanny luck brought him into a partnership with Comodo. No one really knows how close of partners they were, neither of them has ever confessed, but they were business partners. Until that fateful day. The day Sal changed things in the strip club world forever, and unknowingly set into motion a chain of events that were destined to redefine reality.​


the messengers

They are a secret for now.